Crazy 8s Film Society in association with A Trembling Void presents:


Tensions still linger in 1997 LA between the Korean-American and the Black communities after the ‘92 Riots. After an incident in his father’s restaurant, Jay, a Korean-American high school student finds himself pulled into LA’s underground hip hop scene where the two worlds collide.


Cypher was a project done through Crazy 8s Film Society's annual event... an event that challenges filmmakers to shoot, editor and deliver a film in only 8 days. In 2017, there were more than 200 projects pitched, a record number of pitches for that year. Cypher was 1 out of 6 projects that received the opportunity to produce the script.

We had the pleasure of working with Jacques Bourassa (aka Copasetic), a local battle rapper and ex-moderator of the /r/BattleRap subreddit who wrote all the battle raps for the film.


  • Director Lawrence Le Lam

  • Starring Jerome Yoo & Alex Barima

  • Writers Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Lawrence Le Lam, Jerome Yoo, Jacques Bourassa

  • Director of Photography Leonardo Harim

  • Editor Alexander Farah & Paolo Kalalo

  • Production Designer Fredy Mendoza

  • Costume Design Alpha Lam

  • Producers Nach Dudsdeemaytha & Ingo Lou


Official Selection, Edmonton Film Festival
Official Selection, Whistler Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Best Canadian Short Film, WFF
Official Selection, Vancouver Short Film Festival

Best Short Film, Vancouver Short Film Festival
Best Director, Vancouver Short Film Festival
Best Actor, Vancouver Short Film Festival
Best Cinematography, Vancouver Short Film Festival

Best Sound Design, Vancouver Short Film Festival